What are these sheets made of?

We have a few different materials and blends. Here is a breakdown of our most popular lines.

Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets: This line is made of a high bamboo to microfiber blend, 60% Bamboo Rayon, and 40% Microfiber, this is our heaviest and most luxurious bed sheet set and a customer-rated favorite.

Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets: This line is made of 40% Bamboo Rayon and 60% Microfiber, a bit lighter than the luxury line but still very durable due to the microfiber blend and very soft.

1500 Series Bed Sheets: These sheets are made of 100% Double Brushed Microfiber, a staple for any home, very cost effective and ultra soft, these are our #1 best seller by far with over 400,000 happy customers, they come in a very wide variety of colors that are sure to match anyone's taste and preference.

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